How to Promote your Business with YouTube

cat playing pianoYoutube is much more than watching a Cat playing the Piano or watching a music video of your choice. It has become a media destination where the business community search for videos that can resolve their business problems.

1.5 million Business searches daily on YouTube globally, so that’s references to businesses looking for solutions via Youtube. Your business exists to solve business problems. Youtube is yet another channel to distribute your advice and professional guidance.

Youtube is the second most visited destination for business-related searches after Google. A business now having visibility on Youtube is an essential ingredient to a Marketers advertising mix.

  • 1.4 million out of 3.4 million UK small business owners visit an online video site each month – they are 32% more likely to visit an online video site than the average user
  • YouTube reaches half of online UK small business owners, more than 7 times the reach of Providing your advice via Youtube does not actually cost you money in advertising.
  • 47% of IT professionals watch videos to research technology solutions on YouTube. If you supply technology solutions to the IT Industry your potential customers could be watching your videos and connecting with your brand. B2B Online trends are often driven by the IT Industry, other B2B Industries are often not far behind. Therefore we can predict how B2B Marketers need to be thinking about their advertising strategies.
  • 25% of Mid Managers prefer video format over text.. As time is often pressing, Your Customers will want to quickly digest your content in the fastest way possible to enable them to make an informed decision about your business. Youtube now works very well in most smart phones with their 3G enabled so many will watch on the move maximising their time.

youtube marketing

Marketing with YouTube

How can you best leverage the marketing opportunities that YouTube offers for your business?

Upload all of your Business video assets. Whether it is a conference that your business has spoken on. Any How-to-videos, messages to your Customers…anything. By uploading content to YouTube, you open it up to an audience who will find, watch, share, and distribute it for you.

Key tips when uploading video include:
  • Give your videos searchable titles, descriptions and tags
  • Keep your videos up to date.
  • Keep content fresh with regular uploads.
Create Great Content

Obtain an audience via content which is useful and relevant. Create content for the viewer, give them something they are going to be able to take away and benefit from.

Content Ideas Include:

Product showcases & Demos

– Great for new product launches. If your product or service is online you can use screen recordings.

How-to Videos

– Build trust with your users by uploading your Expert advice. Video is the best tool to connect with your visitors online. As the point of online marketing for a B2B Marketer is to engage in an initial online relationship and transfer that into a happy long lasting off-line relationship. (Not to be confused with online dating)online relationship

Case studies & Testimonials

– Promote your work with success stories. Illustrate how your services actually helped other businesses. Build up an archive of video testimonials. This can be a great tool when trying to obtain more business as when you are in dialogue with a potential customer, you can simply add a URL to an email telling them to take a look at what are customers think about our services.

Conferences and Events

– Increase your business profile and help build your brand.

Thought leadership

– Create content for your users. Don’t under-estimate your knowledge in your field. There are many insights that can be communicated with your users that at first you did not think were too important. Try and do this on a regular basis. It an be anything from using a blog post as a base or discussing your latest white paper.

Other Content Ideas:
  • Presentations
  • Training videos
  • Help – Aid Customer Services
  • Marketing Videos
  • Interviews with experts
  • Contests
  • Video Blog
YouTube Video Production Tips
  • Stay focused on your topic
  • Make is useful to your audience
  • It need not be expensive
  • Video appeals to visual learners
  • visual learners like to use videos

  • Focus on the first 10 seconds to capture your users attention.
  • Be friendly and be yourself
  • Additional Youtube Content Benefits for your Business

    • Improve customer service.
    • Reduce ad spend.
    • Brand recognition.
    • Put a face to your brand.
    Pomote your Video in Youtube

    You need to be found with 20 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s harder than ever to get your videos noticed.

    Simply posting your videos on YouTube will not enough: think about what your users search for (keywords). To help you with this you can use a tool from Youtube called Insights for Audience which allows you to gain insight into an audience segment on YouTube,what videos they watch and what search terms they use. You can also find detailed data about how popular your videos are, who’s watching, where and how they got there.

    Credit notable speakers and partners in your video description and tags. Leverage your existing partners brand and users by reaching out to your business partners.

    Include your webaddress within the video description.

    Correctly categorise your video in YouTube. To help people who are interested in your topic find you!

    Consider Using Youtube Promoted Videos to showcase your video against relevant business searches on YouTube. These work in the same way as Google Adwords when a YouTube viewer clicks your promotion, they see your video. You only pay when people actually click to see your video and not when people see your promotion. Therefore, Google Adwords similar best practices hold true: use relevant keywords and search categories to reach your target audience.

    23% of YouTube video users watch YouTube videos on external websites outside YouTube. To leverage this and also to help make your website search engine friendlier embed your YouTube videos on your site:

    Benefits of Embedded Youtube Videos:
    • more discoverable.
    • creates a richer user experience.
    • lets users know they can find you on YouTube.

    Adding video to your site or blog increases the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. The more time they spend, the ‘stickier’ your site appears. This can be identified by investigating your site’s bounce rate within Google Analytics.

    Encourage social dialogue: conversations follow wherever your videos go. Link to or embed your video in online publications, and via your business social network pages.

    Getting your Business started on Youtube – Set your business objectives
    • Where are you now? Benchmark your current results so you can monitor progress
    • What do you want to achieve? And by when?
    • How does this fit in with your business? Are you creating content as a business already or does your business need a content strategy?
    • Who is your audience and what do they want to hear? Appeal to your user by adding value within your industry.
    • What measurement tools are you going to use? Google Analytics and YouTube Insight are great tool for this.
    • Do you have any company policies about distributing content? Brand Regulations etc
    • Define goals to measure.
    Measurable Goals: Achieved Via User Engagement:
    • Comments
    • Favorites
    • Reviews
    • Embeds
    • Link Backs
    • Social Media Posting
    • Landing pages
    Tools you need to create your Video
    • Video camera – Outsource Video Creation to a Video Production Company that specialises.
    • DIY Flip Cam.Web cam. Video production need not be expensive. Creating good content is more important.
    • Microphone – Your Computer headset may suffice or you can use more expensive ‘professional’ microphones. But something affordable to get you on your way is the most important way to go.
    Video Editing Software

    Free Video Editing Software:

    • Free Mac – iMovie Windows – Movie Maker

    Cheap Video Editing Software:

    • Corel Video Studio
    • Nero

    More Expensive Video Editing Software:

    • Adobe Premiere Video Editing
    • Apple Final Cut Pro
    Video Formats.

    You can export your videos using these formats

    • Windows format for the web .WMV
    • Apple format for iTunes and the web .MOV
    • Apple format for iTunes, iPods, iPhones .MV4
    • Flash – use for web posting, 99% compatibility
    • Upload to YouTube,, Vimeo and they automatically format the videos for you
    • Tripod for Camera stability
    • Screen recording- If you creating an instructional video for online software, there are 2 main options you have for screen recording software – Camtasia or Adobe Captivate.

    Stays Organized

    • Decide if you are going for an Outline Script with prompts or a complete Script
    • Organise your shots

    Consider your Video Lighting

    • 2 x 3 times normal light
    • Household / lamps
    • Light both sides of your subject
    • Don’t shoot infront of a window
    • If you are outside watch your noise levels

    Video Sound

    • Microphone on camera
    • External microphone
    Improve your Company Brand using Youtube

    Build a home for your Company brand on YouTube and develop your own brand space with a YouTube channel. (a home for your videos that makes it easy for users to find all your video content )
    To create a channel you need to initially sign up, then choose a username that provides you with good branding such as your business name. Within your profile insert a keyword dense description, your website, business location.

    You can customise it to:

    • Create a branded destination – The colours and graphics should reflect your brand.
    • To engage your audience. – Include links to your site or marketing campaign microsite
    • Build a relationship with your audience. – Take part in the conver.sation. Encourage comments and subscriptions from viewers

    Later consider upgrading to a Brand Channel to gain additional functionalities. If you don’t post videos about your business unfortunately other people may and their videos will rank highly for Search Queries about your Company (Branded Keywords). By using your own Youtube channel will help push down videos you have no control over.

    Integrate your marketing

    YouTube should be an extension of your site and an integrated part of your marketing strategy. Brands are just beginning to see with what can be achieved with YouTube, both creatively and in terms of making the most with this technology.
    Discover how successful businesses have used YouTube

    Other Video Sites to consider for promoting your business:
    • Supports almost all video formats
    • No size limitation and maintains video quality (youTube compresses video to 320×240)
    • Videos backed up
    • Custom thumbnails – helping your branding and gives you more control
    • Different Download options
    • Don’t have to login or be user to leave comments
    • Video descriptions in rich text
    • High quality video – HD Video – Better Viewing quality
    • Allows you to create a community versus just having Video users
    • Non-commercial use only
    • More family oriented
    • Easier to upload and use
    Tube Mogul
    • Free
    • Deploys to popular video sites
    • Metrics Provided
    • Track Competitor videos – Benchmark your business against your Competitors
    What not to do when promoting your business via YouTube
    • Don’t Think of YouTube as a silver bullet. In Online Marketing there is no one single marketing solution that will bring you additional business. It is in fact a combination of the different facets of online marketing.
    • Don’t Continuously sell to your audience. Your Audience will just leave
    • Don’t take too long- Work on having a series of Videos that provide insightful content as oppose to hour long Videos.
    • Don’t Forget your core message to your audience
    • Don’t Try to be somebody else and take yourself too seriously – this is true for much of online marketing. I mean take a look at the images of myself I use on this site. 🙂 Online Marketing is suppose to be fun!
    Youtube Marketing Recap
    • People are researching before they buy. Before they make a purchase people are in research mode gathering infomation and reviews so that they can make an infomed decision.
    • The internet is social and more engaging.
    • Have a Marketing Plan with an outline content strategy for your business.
    • Measure Goals.
    • Decide what’s important that you feel your audience ( your potential and current customers) will benefit from.
    • Analyse your return on investment.
    • Pick the right tools for you at this time. You may wish to invest in more expensive tools later on.
    • Consider your Lighting, Sound, Editing
    • Create good content
    Advertising on Youtube

    To promote your business on Youtube you don’t need to kick-off with getting a Video Camera out. You can begin with using the diverse options that are available using YouTube’s Advertising. After all this is how Google and Youtube (YouTube) is owned by Google – this is how they make most of their money. They also invest in creating good advertising platforms for businesses to use.

    Main Paid promotion Options for your Business on YouTube:
    • Search listings
    • Right side ads
    • In video ads
    • Home page listing

    As an advertiser, you can place ads in different Ad Formats and Page Types. You can get started with as little as a simple text ad targeting the Google Display Network.

    • In-Stream ads: Video ads that can be up to 30 seconds long, and appear before a user watches a video on YouTube
      For advertisers without video assets, we support the following display ads:
    • MPUs: (Mid-Page Units) 300×250 display ad, which appears to the right of a video.
    • InVideo ads: 480×70 display overlay ad, which shows while a video is being played.
    YouTube Page Types

    YouTube Homepage: maximum brand exposure and reach, ad placements on the YouTube Homepage.

    YouTube Search & Browse Pages: Advertisers can target users looking for certain types of content by placing ads on YouTube’s search pages. You get to target with very specific niches.

    YouTube Watch Pages: Every video on YouTube has a “watch page”. This is the page where you’ll find all information related to a video. YouTube says that it has see a rise in engagement (which includes actions like ratings and leaving comments) by 7%, and an increase in the number of videos watched by 6%.

    Advertisers can target the video content within the Google Display Network in three ways: in a video, with a video, or around a video.

    In a video.

    • Appear in the bottom 20% of the video viewing area with Google’s InVideo ads.
    • Any advertiser’s text overlay ads may be displayed within videos as part of a contextually targeted campaign.

    With a video

    • In-stream Video Ads: Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ads can target video content across the Google Display Network. You can reach audiences watching videos in many subjects.
    • Click-to-play Video Ads.

    Around a video

    • Placement target video-oriented sites with a variety of ad formats, including standard text ads and image ads. This allows you to supplement your in-stream or InVideo advertising by targeting other placements on sites where users typically engage with video.
    • Pre-roll ads are high-impact and effective at driving brand awareness, in-video and companion ads are interactive and highly engaging; and click-to-play video ads drive up video views.
    • Set up a placement targeted campaign, choose keywords like “video” as your topic, and then start placement targeting video-oriented sites.

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