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CRM Marketing Automation Management

crm marketing automation

Panovista Marketing can provide your business with a 360 degree view of your customers and leads.

Helping businesses large and small obtain a customer-centric view to manage initial and on-going relationships over the phone, in person, or on the Web by helping companies deploy and utilise marketing automation and CRM systems.

The Service focuses on enabling a business to get the most from a CRM - Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support Service - while also providing your business with a real-time view of all lead and customer interactions.

Approach to Helping You Succeed:

CRM Set-Up

  • Assist with CRM system selection from the leading marketing automation solutions and CRMs
  • Connect the CRM marketing system to your business
  • Establish overall campaign structure

Improve Lead Conversion

  • Improve email campaign response and conversion rates through best practice email designs and landing pages
  • Design your lead management process to increase profits
  • Lead Nurturing

    • Lead nurturing for event marketing / trade shows - automating invitations and reminders
    • Lead nurturing for leads from Partners and Affiliates
    • Lead nurturing from web goals - whitepaper download, web enquiries

    Performance Monitoring & Advice

    • Establish marketing dashboards for tracking performance.
    • Provide CRM support and advice.

    Successfully Managed Marketing Automation will:

    • Increase your income.
    • Convert a higher percentage of leads to customers.
    • Get your current customers to spend more with you.
    • Improve Customer Relationships.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system selection is decided together looking at both your business requirements and budget. Some CMS systems are even free and only increase when additional users are added to the account. You can start with a free account to see if it is right for your business. Below are samples of systems that are looked at,

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM aligns your Sales and Marketing by integrating sales with campaigns, leads, sales pipeline, forecasts, etc.

    The leader in customer relationship management (CRM) & cloud computing


    Drive Revenue with Silverpop. From First Click to Lifetime Customer

    Mail Chimp

    Mail Chimp is an email marketing service. Not strictly a CMS System but does help maintain Customer relationships and is very good for Email Marketing. Where you can Design, send, and track HTML email campaigns. Mail Chimp can also connect into many other online systems such as

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