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Integrate Search Engine Marketing

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Search can identify and engage a qualified audience across all phases of the purchase decision cycle

The current economic situation requires more accountable marketing communications. Search is ideal to engage targets across all roles and phases of the purchase decision cycle.

Integrating both SEO and PPC provides 3 main sharing benefits for your business

  • Research Sharing
  • Keyword Portfolio Sharing
  • Shared Reporting

Search Marketing is a united PPC and SEO campaign: You can leverage each for a higher ROI:

With PPC you can

  • Establish a presence quickly for new, niche opportunities
  • A good complement to offline advertising and PR
  • Drive traffic for specific points
  • Flexible and Immediate

With SEO you can:

  • Boost brand equity via timely thought leadership
  • Stand-alone lead generation tactic
  • Supporter of offline marketing
  • Enhance digital media
  • Strengthens Brand - queries your business would like to be connected to
  • Best for long term return on investment

Though twice as many users trust organic results than paid, post-click interactions and conversion rates appear to be identical. Paid search can fill in the gaps while SEO efforts gain momentum.

Panovista Marketing will leverage the two to provide

  • Rapid feedback loops from paid search leading to better informed SEO programs
  • Phased approach will shed light on the competitive landscape
  • Add to existing keyword research - how good a keyword is, the real competition for a keyword
  • If you have a new product or service Put a keyword into adwords to ascertain a demand for it
  • Identify key conversion areas of the site along the path to ultimate conversion, monitor and improve for increased conversions
  • Organic optimisation set up to initially target long-tail terms
  • Paid target to initially target generic competitive keywords and long-tail keywords
  • All programs refined over time via support of data Google Analytics and Closing the loop
  • Test which ad copy has highest CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Adapt CTR Ad copy titles for actual page titles
  • Mine your website analytics to understand the different keyword permutations
  • Feedback and support on both SEO and PPC

Break Search Marketing Silos and leverage both SEO and PPC for your Business.

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