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Measure Success Better

measure success better

Web Measurement is a thermometer for your online lead generation - constantly checking and monitoring your online health.

Panovista Marketing use web tracking tools included as standard on all our Digital Marketing Services to enable us both to measure ROI and progress. All reporting is completely transparent and areas that require improvement are highlighted and worked on.

Knowing where quality traffic comes from gives us the ability to focus more on a given source. Quality equals converting traffic. With quality in mind we address to see if the biggest source of traffic is also of good quality

How do you take care of your visitors when they turned into customers? We can then use CRM Marketing Automation Tools to help with insights from existing customers

Within Search Engine Optimisation and PPC Campaigns your investment can be broken to a granular level in order to measure and maximise your results.

We can also use tools to provide an insight into which companies have visited your site.

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