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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Your Pay per Click adverts will become a master salesman for your business!

Looking to dominate your competition with powerful Pay Per Click adverts? We'll supercharge your ads which includes the correct keyword phrases that your customers are searching for.

Who are you targeting? We will create Pay Per Click adverts that focuses with laser pin-point accuracy based on an offer, an individual population demographic and a certain location to ensure you get qualified traffic clicking on your ads.

Constantly increasing profitability by systemizing your testing & tracking for your Pay per Click.

Testing different ads and landing pages is the key to pay per click success. Each variable needs to be tested to determine your most profitable tactic.

It's a shame that over 97% of websites test ineffectively when it is simply so easy to do it right online. A word to the wise - don't ever become complacent just because your internet business is highly profitable. Until you try a different version and compare it against a control, you'll never know just how much money you are simply leaving unclaimed.

Between work with our clients and our own extreme testing we possess the cumulative results of thousands of pounds spent on marketing variable testing. We've developed an effective pay per click strategy over the years and you'll be the grand beneficiary of all our years of hard work.

Testing is really one of the most important profit drivers of your entire business. With each successful test your business becomes more profitable. But even more importantly it has a profound effect on almost every other major facet of your online business. We'll walk you through this ripple effect and how to leverage it for all its worth.

Why Panovista should manage your Pay per Click.

  • Identify very targeted Key words for your Pay Per Click campaign on the major search engines.
  • Manage your clicks so that you receive a constant supply of potential leads and new business.
  • Constantly update and manage your ad copy - this is key for high quality scoring and click through rate on Google.

Panovista Marketing manages our Adwords and focuses on our ROI. We are always getting new, qualified leads for our sales team to work on.
Richard Smith

Tracking and bid management software for:

  • Key word analysis reports
  • Return on ad spend reports
  • Referral reports
  • Bid management
  • Click Fraud
  • Purchase Path Channels
  • Consult with you on a regular basis for feedback on you campaign and to determine if any changes need to be made

And if you wish to cancel for any reason we have a 4 week notice cancellation policy

On the other hand, if you can't stand another month of seeing your online marketing efforts under-perform their potential (and your expectations), then fill out the contact form today. Then one of our marketing consultants will contact you to discuss your specific situation. Tell them your desires and any issues you may wish to have resolved. Let them help you objectively decide whether or not our PPC service makes sense to you. Then and only then after you've gotten ALL the facts to make the best decision.

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