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Web Personalization

Can your website have the same personalized functionality as the likes of Amazon? Can your website dynamically change the content of the page to deliver content for specific keywords that are typed into the Search Engines? Now your website can too! Panovista Marketing have partnered with Web Personalization Software Company Personyze. We will advise and implement all of Personyze's features so you too can leverage their incredible technology. All for a low cost!

What is Web Personalization

When the website can display personalized versions of each page to each individual visitor in real-time.

How to achieve site Personalization?

  1. Identify the visitor - put yourself in your visitor's shoes
  2. Adjust the site content / look & feel to the visitor - be appealing and relevant to the visitor

How is it done?

  • Rich profile data to segment on - combining information from current session and previous sessions (product views / purchases.) , data that visitors provided directly (form filed), data from external sources such as Facebook, E-Mail campaigns, exported data from site's CMS system, etc. All data is provided as a set of rules with the ability to define relations between them and sequence - the most advanced segmentation tool in the industry.
  • Adjusting content and style per segment without coding - Personyze identifies the visitor and deliver personalized experience.
  • Personalization examples: changing content/style/banners/replace text with dynamic content (very relevant for landing pages), sending personalized emails, Facebook actions, retargeting, etc.

Examples of Business Value for end customers

  • Increase conversion rates, average order values, visitor loyalty and satisfaction levels as well as other key metrics (by giving visitors what they are looking for)
  • Better data accuracy (Net time in focus, etc.)
  • Track offline sales
  • No need for programming resources to add tracking events, create segments or carry out personalization.
  • No need to create unique URLs for testing purposes.

With personalization:


  • Put the visitor in the center - not the site.
  • Once you can define a segment of visitors you can tailor their experience making it as relevant as possible

With personalization:

  • Put the visitor in the center - not the site.
  • Once you can define a segment of visitors you can tailor their experience making it as relevant as possible.

Without personalization:

  • Your site serves the same content regardless who the visitor is and what they like to see/do
  • Your content = your site
  • The visitor needs to actively look for the content and navigate his way in the site
  • The result is - you are not in control of your visitor's experience !

The Problem/Challenge - the gap

Currently website deliver an experience that is "one size fit all". Relaying on the visitor to find what he is looking for. This leads, in the best case to an experience that is not optimal. A lot of times, the visitor will just live the site and go to the competitor.

Internet Market Trends

Static Web Pages

  • Generic Approach
  • Website are not more than digital brochures
  • Mostly used for viewing static and generic data

Dynamic Content

  • CMS driven content
  • Interactive sites
  • Introduction of AJAX, DHTML

WEB 2.0 - UGC, Social.

  • User centric approach
  • Mass adoption of UGC within almost all sites
  • Facebook / MySpace and other social networks
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • CNN - iReport(2006)
  • Fox - uReport(2006)
  • Time Magazine - MOY 2006 - "YOU"

Web 3.0 - Personalization

  • Dramatically improving each visitor experience by delivering more relevant and personalized content in real-time
  • The site is created and adjusted based on the user profile.

"In a couple of years people will look back and marvel that automatic site personalization was ever an issue" Mark Zuckerberg, 2008

Developing a revolutionary SaaS platform for real-time Visitor Segmentation & Website Personalization

Our mission is to enable websites of ALL sizes to create a "website per person" experience for their website visitors by providing a highly relevant and personalized user experience which translates to increased conversion rates, visitor satisfaction and retention and improved ROI

Main capabilities of Personyze:

A real time SaaS Segmentation & Personalization platform suitable for any website The most robust segmentation engine in the industry - creating complex segments based on any combination of Demographic, System, Historic, Social and Behavioral information

A real time personalization engine requiring no code changes - allows quick and powerful personalization that ranges from small textual or graphical changes to a fully customized version of the site/page.

A powerful testing engine allows conducting an unlimited number of tests to realize which variations yield the best results for each segment.

Integration with AdWords, WordPress, Facebook, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and more out of the box. Ability to define new integration with 3rd party system quickly and effectively.

Product Architecture

Advanced Testing

  • Run advanced A/B and Multivariate tests per visitor segments
  • Define wining criteria's and let Personyze implement the winning variation automatically


  • Use the power of the social web to your advantage


  • Edit/Replace ; Add ; Remove content/design per visitor segment

Offline Tracking

  • Connect online and offline data and activities
  • Empower customers and reps with relevant data

real-time Segmentation & Monitoring

  • 50+ Behavioral, System, Geographic, Demographic and Social metrics out-of-the-box
  • Easily define custom metrics and events
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps and systems

Pro-Active Analytics

  • Create segments and personalization actions right from the reports

Before and After Web Personlization Example

Website category: E-commerce

Sub-category: Electronics

Project objectives: Increase conversion rate among new potential customers.

Strategy: Personalize the website per visitor with relevant ads and deals to increase overall user experience and engagement.

The website can display personalized versions of each page to each individual visitor in real-time.

Personyze Value

  • Without Personyze - the visitor needs to adjust to your generic site.
  • With Personyze - the visitor is at the center and the site adapt itself to the visitor!!!
  • The result - the visitor experience the site in a relevant and optimal way for him, maximizing the conversion / value from the visitor

Benefits of Panovista Marketing to assist you with your Web Personization via Personalyze Software

  • Website personalization - "a website per visitor" experience
  • Target visitors by geographic location
  • Display captivating messages in landing pages
  • Email personalization
  • Regain interest from almost-lost customers
  • Personalized forms
  • Rich leads data
  • Maximize advertising campaigns
  • Smart management of Google AdSense
  • Smart management of Google AdWords Remarketing
  • Increase live-chat efficiency and reduce costs
  • Offline sales conversion tracking
  • Rich data about customers that visited your website
  • Powerful drill-down and optimization from within reports
  • Website optimization through multivariate A/B testing
  • Easily place social widgets
  • Provide an accurate personal experience using your visitors' social profile
  • Leverage your visitors' viral marketing power
  • Get in touch with us to see how we can help with your Website Personalization.

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