Email Outreach Solution

With GDPR compliance

Panovista Marketing can directly email your target potential customers with laser precision.

Purchase Lead Arrow to obtain the lists of people you wish to email. Then our managed service Send Swan can be used to email these people on your behalf.

Lead Arrow and Send Swan can be purchased separately or together.

Lead Arrow - Niche B2B Verified Email Lead Lists

Target contacts in any niche!
Lead arrow
Niche B2B verified email lead lists

Bespoke email contact lists for your target market.
  • Company name
  • Contact location
  • Contact names
  • Verified contact email
  • Job title of contact


Niche B2B verified email lead lists in CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

List Options:
  • List 1: 100 contacts
  • List 2: 500 contacts
  • List 3: 1000 contacts
  • 1000+ custom quotes available

Send Swan - Managed Service: Outreach Email Service

  • Email "drip" campaigns to acquire, grow, and retain clients
  • 1-6 part lifecycle email drip sequence
  • Highly personalized customer acquisition campaigns that bring in interested prospects while your salespeople seal the deal
  • Continued campaigns to keep your clients engaged
Send Swan
Email list options for use in drip campaigns:

  • Lead Beam - Outreach LinkedIn lead generation Read more
  • Lead Arrow - Niche B2B verified email lead lists Read more
  • Email contacts from your business (email list cleaning available)

Experienced & Qualified with Data Privacy Compliance in Email Outreach

There are rules to follow when advertising in Facebook Ads. We have it covered with our other brand Visit PanoSec to learn more