LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedIn Ads Management

Target professional audience in specific industries & companies!

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  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Write effective LinkedIn Ads
  • Strategy after the user has clicked the Ad
  • Tracking, analytics & nurturing
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Why use LinkedIn Ads?

630M Members on LinkedIn
180M Senior-level influencers
63M Decision makers
10M C-level executives
4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions
Cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than on Google Ads

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ad Type
Sponsored Content Ads
Display Ads
Text Ads
Sponsored InMail

Challenges to your business

Challenge 1 - Reach professional audience in specific industries, companies & jobs

Panovista Marketing Solution: Launch LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Challenge 2 - Increase quality of leads

Panovista Marketing Solution: Drive activity to lead generation materials

Challenge 3 - Improve Cost per Click rates

Panovista Marketing Solution:

  • Develop highly targeted campaigns
  • Offer free educational materials to prospects
  • Test and adjust campaigns to improve results in real time
Assist with Goals to Target for your Ad Campaign
  • High Click Through Rates
  • Low Average Cost Per Click
  • Higher-quality leads that convert faster
  • Valuable insights on prospect behaviour
Use best practice Ad creation:
Consistent messaging based on targeting
  • Include an image
  • Use a call to action, such as "download" or "sign up"
  • Speak directly to your target audience
  • Create 3-4 variations of your ad per campaign
  • Make sure text is concise and easy to read
  • List benefits of clicking the ad
  • Rotate new creative at least once a month
Effective Ad Creation:
  • Headline draws attention of target customer
  • Description is clear
  • Strong offer
"We always aim to include an OFFER, the VALUE of clicking your ad and a CALL-TO-ACTION."
After Ad is clicked:
We work with you to locate response mechanisms
  • Phone
  • Click to chat
  • Schedule a meeting
We ensure landing pages & tracking, analytics & nurturing are in place.

LinkedIn gives you the unique ability to tailor messaging and target the exact audience segment that you need.
We also have another service - LinkedIn Lead Generation & Prospecting Service that can be used in combination with the LinkedIn Ads management service. For complete LinkedIn lead generation!

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