LinkedIn Lead Generation & Prospecting Service

We contact your ideal customers directly so you can follow on the conversation!

LinkedIn leads generation

How does the systems work?

What you need to know, summarised briefly:

  • We will build prospecting lists for you based on information you provide to us.
  • We can work with you to write marketing copy that best promotes your brand, alternatively we can take on the task on your behalf.
  • We will provide you with the leads in a CRM-style format or send them directly to you.
You can read more about the LinkedIn lead generation service here on PDF here.

We also have another service - LinkedIn Ad Management that can be used in combination with the LinkedIn lead generation service. For complete LinkedIn lead generation!

Find out the difference between LinkedIn Ads Management and the LinkedIn Lead Generation & Prospecting Service - LinkedIn Ads Management Vs LinkedIn Lead Generation
Whether you are looking to contact the head of a particular department or the executive team we are able to use precise targeting through filtering tools to provide you with only the leads you really need to match your specific prospecting plans.

Emails ending up in the SPAM folder is a barrier to access key decision-makers.

Getting your message through to a target email address is a headache we can solve for you.

As experience marketeers we understand the psychology behind marketing and have years of experience in A/B testing that help us understand what messages really work for your product or service.

Focusing solely on paid ad such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads does not work effectively (and certainly not cheaply) for most businesses as the arena becomes increasingly more competitive.

There is, however, another route to successfully reaching your target audience using our outreach method.

Manually searching for email addresses and then sending marketing materials out is an extremely time-intensive activity. We can qualify initial leads for your instead and build up a prospecting list that is tailor-made for your company.

Once our outreach campaign has successfully delivered qualified leads to you you can then take the reigns to continue to cultivate relationships.

Part of our service to you will include report running and analysing metrics so that we can see where improvements can be made and performance improved over the during of your campaign.

Get your diary packed with calls to qualified leads with our automated system!

Create a pipeline of interested customers by allowing us to complete that first difficult hurdle on your behalf.

Whatever industry you need to tap into, we can provide the business contacts you really want, in order to increase sales.