Marketing with GDPR

At Panovista marketing we ensure your marketing is compliant with your industry and regional data laws.

Marketing with GDPR

The laws on data privacy are constantly changing especially in marketing activities.

  • UK - GDPR / Data Protection 2018
  • EU - GDPR
  • USA – CCPA
Experienced & Qualified with Data Privacy Compliance in Marketing

There are data compliance rules to follow with most marketing activities.
Below is a list of specific marketing activities that require GDPR compliance.

This is why GDPR compliance is now an important topic within marketing.
  • Email outreach
  • Facebook pixel
  • Facebook custom audiences
  • Facebook retargeting
  • Google Ads remarketing
  • Google Ads tracking
  • Google audience lists for retargeting
  • Customer data
  • Apps – in-app purchases
  • Web Analytics
  • Website compliance policies – (privacy policy & cookies policy)
  • Website cookie consent