At Panovista Marketing we pride ourselves on the great service that we give to our clients. Here are some of the great things that have been said about us:

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“Excellent Facebook ad set ups with amazing creatives that generate very good performing ads and lowers ad costs for the customer.”

Aya Aboshameh - Facebook | Facebook Marketing Experts Team
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“Hi! I’ve been in business about 30 years and like everyone running a small business, reaching the right customers and explain what’s better about what I offer is a constant challenge.

I sell the best hi-fi and home cinema money can buy and some of these systems can cost 100’s of thousands of £'s.

My challenge is finding people who are looking for the very best, most of whom want to really understand what they are buying and its benefits but will never get to hear about what we have to offer.

About a year ago, I met several people in business all of whom get their business via social media and it made me realise I had to start using social media.

I knew nothing about it but a good friend recommended Ian because he had been using him for about 6 months and the enquiries he was getting had tripled since then.

I got in touch knowing nothing about social media and Ian held my hand through the whole process.

One of my first posts has been making changes to my business ever since. The industry I work in is full of misinformation and marketing nonsense and with Ian’s help I’m now getting far more enquiries every day.

If you are in business, I’m sure you are bombarded by people chasing you for marketing and promotion. If you are prepared to put the time and effort in, I’m now convinced it can make a huge difference to your business.

I can't recommend Ian highly enough and if you’d like to contact me to double check and see if this is real, please contact me via my website geckogomecinema.com or I guess you could use Facebook?”
Picture of Rob from Gecko Home Cinema
Rob Sinden - Director at Gecko Home Cinema
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“ioLight engaged Panovista because we know how important Search & Facebook marketing is, but we do not have the time to deep dive to depths you need to exploit it. Panovista is fantastic at this and they have increased the effectiveness of our digital marketing and reduced the costs. Better still they now have a good understanding of our technology also provide lead qualification. So we get well-qualified leads or often, just orders. Highly recommended!”
Andrew from ioLight
Andrew Monk - Director & Co-founder at ioLight
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“We are very happy with Panovista's help in marketing to the science sector. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that they have displayed throughout the whole process made them a very easy and enjoyable partner to work with. We would recommend Panovista Marketing for any business looking to grow!”
Andrew Malloy from NanoView
Andrew Malloy - VP of Sales & Marketing at NanoView Biosciences
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“Our inbound leads have grown significantly from our website, google search marketing and Facebook ads marketing we are able to have a dedicated sales person to work the inbound leads. I recommend Ian's services to help a business generate new leads and sales!”
Dan from Wessex EcoEnergy
Dan Cole- Director at WessexEco Energy
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“Panovista has been supporting our business for several years in both the creation and implementation of bespoke Search marketing systems to ensure our clients reach the top of Google. Panovista has been reliable, highly responsive, thorough, friendly and good communicators. We would recommend hiring Panovista to anyone looking for highly productive and solution driven projects. We plan to continue to work with Panovista for the long term.”
Kris Lea from PromoteUK
Kris Lea - Marketing Director at Promote UK
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“We have consistently been on the first page of Google for a few years now. As a small business that serves customers locally, we know it is important to be seen on Google. Panovista got us to the first page for our keywords. Communication has been great and a pleasure to work with!”

Julie Lindley - Manager at Alarm Maintenance
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“I am very impressed with the results Panovista has achieved. Prior to becoming a client of Panovista we were nowhere to be found in Google. Now we have good first page visibility. The phone now rings with enquiries! We are now above our competitors in our local area and I have found Panovista to be very helpful and thorough.”

Raj Chohan - Manager at ACS Autowerks